15 Dec 2014 @ 3:11 PM 

There is this industry, called “Climate Change”. It has commodified and quantified the infinite human capacity for worry. I am going to refer to this worry as “change”.
The change will happen regardless. The increased ability to measure and discuss change is itself irrelevant to the fact of the change.
Why does anyone think governments should do something about change? Government is for human systems. Roads. Borders. Laws. Taxes. Schools, in some cases. Governments are the last human organization I want looking at change. Change is inevitable and unstoppable. I don’t think anything is more guaranteed to happen than change, except the sale of worry over it.
This is the true story of what is happening. Yes, things are different. Yes, it can be measured better than ever. Yes it can be discussed more thoroughly than ever. It does not mean that it should be characterized in any way, for the benefit or to the detriment of anyone. And that is all that happens. The sale of worry.
Ignore the commodification of worry. There will never be a time when people do not think they have reached some limit. Never. It is a human trait to extrapolate, based on available technology. The fears and worries of this age will seem simple in 50 years, compared to what science will then be able to measure and discuss. Same as it has ever been.

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 06 Jan 2012 @ 8:24 AM 

No comment on the death of Roderick Robbie, but I will once again take the opportunity to point out that the dome cost over 600 million dollars, all of it from canadian taxpayers. All of it.
It was sold to Rogers Corporation for 25 million. All of it. That’s about what they bring in daily from Canadian subscribers, or what they spend in a month on lawyers and media buys, to ensure they can keep their monopoly.
It is easily the most overbuilt structure imaginable. With the roof closed it will make a great bomb shelter, and it should be a part of emergency planning, but it’s comically terrible as a venue. Even the Seattle Kingdome (long since demolished) at least had volume from the crowd, and decent proximity to the field of play.
Skydome was nothing but a corporate tax write-off party until the Jays finished their run; the illusion that you are doing something right while you blow someone else’s money is easy to create when the stadium is full and the team is winning.
The reality was that once the cash ran out, the corps headed for the exits, and the actual building has about as much relevance to humans as a boulder does to an ant.

Posted By: caunter
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 23 Dec 2011 @ 5:36 PM 

No one in the Toronto media is going to point out that these Bills games are a complete dog of an event, because they are afraid Rogers will yank its ad spend. Fortunately, I don’t care about this :)
It’s just great that rogers has 78 million dollars to overpay on these turkeys. That is three times what they paid for the skydome. At least the Bills series wasn’t originally taxpayer funded construction.
So the story they planted in the media this week is that ticket prices are too high? Nice. Come on. You could not pay most people to go down to the dome to watch that league. It’s not a Toronto team, it’s got “Rogers” written all over it as a forced “event”, and the whole thing is as phony as the people in Rogers’ advertising. At least the cbc is running an AP wire story on this nonsense instead of regurgitating Rogers’ press releases. Listening to the Sportsnet590 announcers toss softballs at Joe Theisman on the subject would have been preferable; that was very bad radio.
If they want to throw 78M at Jays players, I might consider following that team again. They’ve lost me as long as they keep all the games on the pay sports channels. If they want to throw 78M at an American billionaire because they think they’ll recoup the money in advertising rights and gate revenue, well it’s our stupidity that keeps them rolling in the money.

Posted By: caunter
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 15 Dec 2011 @ 10:48 PM 

Rogers and Bell have “bought” MLSE, the huge entertainment corporation that owns the Leafs, TFC, and other such stuff. They have done so together so that neither one gets the whole thing. I’ve been watching access to sport disappear on regular, OTA TV for many years, and this is a big deal. You will not see the Leafs for “free” anymore. No more CBC games. Same thing happened when Rogers bought the Jays. All games went to pay sports channels. I don’t care about basketball that much, but it will be the same.
Which brings me to the larger point. If these companies came by the means to buy this property, and use it to reduce access to local teams, for more profit, through good old fashioned competitive excellence, that would be one thing. But the actual situation is that the only thing that Rogers and Bell are good at is lobbying the government for the right to continue holding exclusive monopoly control over telecom, and the enormous cash flows they can pull out of the pockets of everyone in this country. Access to internet, phone and television should be a basic right, and it should be protected from this kind of rampant avarice. Avarice, I remind you, that is supported by massive and continuous transfers to all media companies in the form of advertising. Bluntly, this advertising chills the critical climate. Fortunately, you lucky readers don’t have to worry about this here. But imagine someone questioning the telecom monopolies at a newspaper or tv news show. Imagine an MP with a private member’s bill, proposing nationalization of some of this essential infrastructure, to save Canadians from being robbed continuously, while the same government permits this robbery. That MP would not get campaign contributions or Christmas cards from Rogers or Bell, would they? It’s an obvious solution, that cannot be discussed. Nationalize the Canadian telecommunications infrastructure. There is no reason for it to be in the hands of two out of control corporations, who exist solely to keep lobbying for their continued existence. The government has the power, and all of us would be better off for the judicious exercise of that power.
Basically, the Canadian regulatory framework has enabled the Leafs to be bought, by the very companies that control access to TV and that own most of the TV stations, so that they can eliminate any chance of not monetizing any aspect of the existence of the sport of hockey. If we are going to support that, we the people should own this infrastructure. It should be used for the benefit of the people.

Posted By: caunter
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 10 Nov 2011 @ 7:46 AM 

Poppy tyranny rules once again. This is the only time of year Canadians get as annoying as Americans.
Glorifying war is a bad hobby folks, it keeps conflict and bad feelings alive.
You are being manipulated, and are perpetuating the idea that war, killing, hatred and armies are beneficial and positive. They are the worst aspects of humanity.
I reject this, it is like religion.

1). Money is requested
2). A symbol is taken out of context and used to promote the cause
3). A set of beliefs that have no basis in fact is assumed to be infallible
4). Judgement is passed on non-believers
5). Attendance at a ritual ceremony is required
6). Politicians and people who work in the media embrace it wholeheartedly
7). Existing rituals and habits are taken and replaced with “Remembrance Day”
8). Logical fallacies abound

Example: Canada currently has soldiers fighting. They die. Therefore we should honour them by wearing a poppy.
Problem: This is their job. They sign up for it, and accept this risk. By the same logic, I should eat a donut to honour the fact you sit in a chair all day at your job.

Example: My dead relation did something related to the war. Therefore, I am affronted by anyone who doesn’t want to wear a poppy or participate in Remembrance Day.
Problem: Most people of that generation did something related to the war; my dead relatives all did so. Maybe yours did too, but a) they are dead and don’t exist anymore, b) that’s not a good reason to ask anyone to be influenced by something, and c) why does a plastic pair of red lips on a pin affect your opinion of me?

I’m also not wearing a pink wristband, christian cross, crescent, star of david or an ac/dc t-shirt. It is time to stop encouraging outright narrow mindedness. I remind you there has been no national conscription in 60 years; not here, and not in the United States, and they make more war than anyone. Killing people is a job, now. It shouldn’t be a national cause, and it shouldn’t be supported or glorified in any way.

So make your poppies into lips kids. I know they make you wear them at school. And remember, that poem, that no one reads, is totally anti-war. Message lost, symbol corrupted. Pretty familiar human behaviour.

Commented also here.

Posted By: caunter
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