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When you uninstall 1.1 version, it deletes all of your server level redirects. Not fun if you have a lot of them. Here is an alternative to recreating them all in the GUI.
First, open c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationhost.config and copy the entire <rewrite> container to another file.
The container starts with <validation />
And you will put it back under <validation /> after the upgrade nukes everything.
Grab everything down to </globalRules></rewrite> and save it, I used rewrite.txt
Now you are ready to uninstall 1.1. This is done in programs and features in control panel. You need to reboot after the uninstall.
When you are back up, get URW2.0 from iis.net.
Go back to your AHC file, open it, and scroll to the validation tag. No rewrite rules. No problem. Paste in your saved rules from rewrite.txt and save out.
You need to restart the web server. Check that your app pools are all alive.
If you get errors, you likely have duplicate hostname entries in the ruleset. Version 1.1 tolerated this, version 2.0 does not, and this will break your web server. Check the line in the error, and go back to AHC and remove the duplicate entries.
URL Rewriter 2.0 is an improvement over the RC version. High traffic servers still show memory leak. There is a registry entry that may help this, at the expense of CPU. Balancing this is something we haven’t tried. Solution is to recycle the app pool (32 bit) at a Private Bytes threshold that keeps it from getting unhealthy – 1.5GB for us.

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