24 May 2017 @ 8:28 AM 

I am a TFC fan. I go to all the games. I cannot believe the collective response to this video. The media have all got in a huff, asserting that they have the right to have nice people saying nice things on camera, or else they will show what they didn’t like, and those people will get fired from their jobs.
I’ve attended sporting events in Toronto for 43 years. This has never happened. People need to get a grip. The media do not have an unquestioned right to have urban street scenes play out like a Disney parade. Yes, people say hurtful things, during, before and after Toronto sports games. That does not give media the right to stalk in with TV cameras, and then complain about what happens when you are in the middle of that unhappy bunch of people.
This was not covering a major earthquake, this was a journalist seeking reactions to a local sport team’s loss. If that reaction isn’t to your liking, don’t use it. No one shot at you, or took your equipment away, or took you hostage. That’s actually what happens when you are a journalist who is in danger. No one who pays to go to a TFC game owes the media anything. It will be a sad day for freedom of speech when the commercial power of the media suppresses that freedom.
Freedom of the press is closely tied to freedom of speech. Toronto media forget this at their peril. The Toronto media benefits massively from Toronto FC and this seems like an unnecessary cheap shot at a loyal and attractive fan base and demographic who provide lovely backdrops for your sports news segment advertisers. Who is going to talk to CP24 now? Why would anyone, given the potential consequences? Today it is vulgarity. Tomorrow, what can I not say? I get interviewed and anything I say can be held against me now? If I say “I think the team sucks” will I get banned by MLSE? If I say, “I don’t want to talk to you” will I get fired for not cooperating with the media? Sorry CP24, it’s “no comment” next time I think.

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