10 Nov 2011 @ 7:46 AM 

Poppy tyranny rules once again. This is the only time of year Canadians get as annoying as Americans.
Glorifying war is a bad hobby folks, it keeps conflict and bad feelings alive.
You are being manipulated, and are perpetuating the idea that war, killing, hatred and armies are beneficial and positive. They are the worst aspects of humanity.
I reject this, it is like religion.

1). Money is requested
2). A symbol is taken out of context and used to promote the cause
3). A set of beliefs that have no basis in fact is assumed to be infallible
4). Judgement is passed on non-believers
5). Attendance at a ritual ceremony is required
6). Politicians and people who work in the media embrace it wholeheartedly
7). Existing rituals and habits are taken and replaced with “Remembrance Day”
8). Logical fallacies abound

Example: Canada currently has soldiers fighting. They die. Therefore we should honour them by wearing a poppy.
Problem: This is their job. They sign up for it, and accept this risk. By the same logic, I should eat a donut to honour the fact you sit in a chair all day at your job.

Example: My dead relation did something related to the war. Therefore, I am affronted by anyone who doesn’t want to wear a poppy or participate in Remembrance Day.
Problem: Most people of that generation did something related to the war; my dead relatives all did so. Maybe yours did too, but a) they are dead and don’t exist anymore, b) that’s not a good reason to ask anyone to be influenced by something, and c) why does a plastic pair of red lips on a pin affect your opinion of me?

I’m also not wearing a pink wristband, christian cross, crescent, star of david or an ac/dc t-shirt. It is time to stop encouraging outright narrow mindedness. I remind you there has been no national conscription in 60 years; not here, and not in the United States, and they make more war than anyone. Killing people is a job, now. It shouldn’t be a national cause, and it shouldn’t be supported or glorified in any way.

So make your poppies into lips kids. I know they make you wear them at school. And remember, that poem, that no one reads, is totally anti-war. Message lost, symbol corrupted. Pretty familiar human behaviour.

Commented also here.

Posted By: caunter
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