23 Dec 2011 @ 5:36 PM 

No one in the Toronto media is going to point out that these Bills games are a complete dog of an event, because they are afraid Rogers will yank its ad spend. Fortunately, I don’t care about this :)
It’s just great that rogers has 78 million dollars to overpay on these turkeys. That is three times what they paid for the skydome. At least the Bills series wasn’t originally taxpayer funded construction.
So the story they planted in the media this week is that ticket prices are too high? Nice. Come on. You could not pay most people to go down to the dome to watch that league. It’s not a Toronto team, it’s got “Rogers” written all over it as a forced “event”, and the whole thing is as phony as the people in Rogers’ advertising. At least the cbc is running an AP wire story on this nonsense instead of regurgitating Rogers’ press releases. Listening to the Sportsnet590 announcers toss softballs at Joe Theisman on the subject would have been preferable; that was very bad radio.
If they want to throw 78M at Jays players, I might consider following that team again. They’ve lost me as long as they keep all the games on the pay sports channels. If they want to throw 78M at an American billionaire because they think they’ll recoup the money in advertising rights and gate revenue, well it’s our stupidity that keeps them rolling in the money.

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