06 Jan 2012 @ 8:24 AM 

No comment on the death of Roderick Robbie, but I will once again take the opportunity to point out that the dome cost over 600 million dollars, all of it from canadian taxpayers. All of it.
It was sold to Rogers Corporation for 25 million. All of it. That’s about what they bring in daily from Canadian subscribers, or what they spend in a month on lawyers and media buys, to ensure they can keep their monopoly.
It is easily the most overbuilt structure imaginable. With the roof closed it will make a great bomb shelter, and it should be a part of emergency planning, but it’s comically terrible as a venue. Even the Seattle Kingdome (long since demolished) at least had volume from the crowd, and decent proximity to the field of play.
Skydome was nothing but a corporate tax write-off party until the Jays finished their run; the illusion that you are doing something right while you blow someone else’s money is easy to create when the stadium is full and the team is winning.
The reality was that once the cash ran out, the corps headed for the exits, and the actual building has about as much relevance to humans as a boulder does to an ant.

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