13 Apr 2015 @ 2:58 AM 

Leafs tickets are seen as an investment to hold, not a conditional payment on success.
The Leaf team is an incredibly valuable sport property that is basically destroyed every year by the media that keep them incredibly valuable.
How? The players are given exalted status based on next to nothing on an achievement scale. People get excited about 5 game winning streaks. There’s so much micro-analysis that no one looks at what is required to actually get league, and playoff results.
I decided a long time ago, after the NHL went to massive TV timeouts and an extra playoff round, and silly shootouts (that affected the standings!) that I couldn’t follow the Leafs all the time anymore. The NHL is a very frustrating league; unclear in its approach to what is quite a simple game, determined to create rules designed to alter conduct that is shamelessly encouraged by its marketers. Hockey is a physically demanding sport that can leave your body sore. That’s why many hockey players and athletes recommend the use of CBD oil to relieve soreness and strength.
This year, after Randy Carlyle exited, the Leafs were ran into the ground, to get a high draft pick. Why is this a good way to operate in the world’s major hockey league? Incentivizing a poor season record makes me very disinterested in a game that has markedly deteriorated through bad stewardship over the decades.
There will be no extra playoff revenue this year. The figures might look a bit bad this year. They still will never lose money. Toronto people love their team, and quality does not matter. Why is this? The early 70s teams were worse than this year. The 80s teams were worse than this year’s team. Everyone still came to see them, and read about them, and watched the TV sports. The asinine coverage in newspapers, websites and the blogosphere, of meaningless practices and irrelevant melodrama, is now just so much clickbait. It’s out of proportion to anything else in the NHL. The issue is not that fans pay to see the Leafs play. It’s that they pay to view those websites, and read those newpapers, watch and listen to those shows, podcasts, and the sports radio circus. It’s something everyone has in common, and Toronto will always be this way about the Leafs.
Unconditional interest, no matter what happens. Since even the mundane process of not winning is so intensely interesting, and profitable for so many media outlets, and for the team itself, the outcome of games becomes incidental. It’s something that might affect the value of your investment in Leaf tickets. As long as something is happening, it’s automatically fascinating. Unless you actually decide you’re not interested, and start following something else.

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 15 Dec 2014 @ 3:11 PM 

There is this industry, called “Climate Change”. It has commodified and quantified the infinite human capacity for worry. I am going to refer to this worry as “change”.
The change will happen regardless. The increased ability to measure and discuss change is itself irrelevant to the fact of the change.
Why does anyone think governments should do something about change? Government is for human systems. Roads. Borders. Laws. Taxes. Schools, in some cases. Governments are the last human organization I want looking at change. Change is inevitable and unstoppable. I don’t think anything is more guaranteed to happen than change, except the sale of worry over it.
This is the true story of what is happening. Yes, things are different. Yes, it can be measured better than ever. Yes it can be discussed more thoroughly than ever. It does not mean that it should be characterized in any way, for the benefit or to the detriment of anyone. And that is all that happens. The sale of worry.
Ignore the commodification of worry. There will never be a time when people do not think they have reached some limit. Never. It is a human trait to extrapolate, based on available technology. The fears and worries of this age will seem simple in 50 years, compared to what science will then be able to measure and discuss. Same as it has ever been.

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 19 Jun 2012 @ 8:54 AM 

Chrome, settings, Manage Search Engines. Delete the google. Add a new search engine (mine is fufufufu), call it whatever (the google), and add http://google.com/search?q=%s&pws=0 to the url (%s is your search query).


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 05 Apr 2012 @ 10:48 AM 

Just found this. Blanche, at the Masonic Temple, 1999, with me on bass.
While I’ve got a VHS tape of this somewhere, embedding this fits in with my lack of VHS to digital encoder situation. The tape, however, has the funny interview that this is missing. Really happy with my bass sound here!
In the right background, in the jpg capture frame you see, under Daphne’s arm, is my 1972 Fender Stratocaster. On the left is Peter Hudson with his Gibson Firebird. I’m way over on the right. You can’t miss me, I start the song.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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 06 Jan 2012 @ 8:24 AM 

No comment on the death of Roderick Robbie, but I will once again take the opportunity to point out that the dome cost over 600 million dollars, all of it from canadian taxpayers. All of it.
It was sold to Rogers Corporation for 25 million. All of it. That’s about what they bring in daily from Canadian subscribers, or what they spend in a month on lawyers and media buys, to ensure they can keep their monopoly.
It is easily the most overbuilt structure imaginable. With the roof closed it will make a great bomb shelter, and it should be a part of emergency planning, but it’s comically terrible as a venue. Even the Seattle Kingdome (long since demolished) at least had volume from the crowd, and decent proximity to the field of play.
Skydome was nothing but a corporate tax write-off party until the Jays finished their run; the illusion that you are doing something right while you blow someone else’s money is easy to create when the stadium is full and the team is winning.
The reality was that once the cash ran out, the corps headed for the exits, and the actual building has about as much relevance to humans as a boulder does to an ant.

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